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Joi's Story

My story starts like this…

At 16 years old I was selling jewelry, in a bathing suit, on the beaches of Atlantic Beach, NY. I wanted to design and reset diamond rings for the ladies who spent their days sunning and playing bridge. I asked them to trust me to take their ordinary jewelry and make it into something different – they did. This is how I began to build a business…

I started working on 47th street at age 16, and continued to do so for four years, which allowed me to establish myself and continuously develop my clientele.

At twenty years old I realized I was ready for more and announced to my mother: “I am going to open my own booth on 47th St.”

She replied, “How are you going to compete with all those people who have already been in business so long?”  My simple response was “I am not going to compete with them, they will be competing with me.”

By 1980 I opened up shop in 50 W. 47th St. and incorporated Designs By Joi Frankel Inc. I was one of the first woman designers on 47th St.

As a New York City jewelry designer in 1986, my collection of Sterling Silver and 14kt. gold combinations were showcased in Fortunoff’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. This began my manufacturing of fine jewelry business. As jewelry manufacturer and a 47th.Street retailer, I allowed my company to expand, acquiring a diverse client base and creating designs that were “value conscious.”

For 45 years , the Designs By Joi Collection had been selling in catalogs across the United States and in the Caribbean. My clientele consists of the best independent jewelry chains and retail stores. Today I sell my favorite retailers and continue to build a Wholesale –Personalized- Private Jewelry business for all my clients.

I know my success is attributed to maintaining strong relationships with my customers.

 Having my own company has enabled me to be original and continuously design fresh new styles that are available to my Private trade including Diamond Jewelry and Diamond Engagement rings.


I am convinced and dedicated to providing the finest quality to my customers at the best Prices…Not the Best for me…the Best for the Customer.

This is because I BUY RIGHT and associate with the finest sources in the WORLD.

We all must remember …"It’s not what you paid for your Diamonds it’s what you get for you money"

I want my Clients to have the Finest Sparkliest diamonds in the room available for their money !!!!


I pride myself with that Mission Statement.


Now, looking back 45 years, I see success I never imagined. I am very confident in continuing to Buy , Sell and Design Fine Jewelry and Gifts. My venture continues knowing that I love what I do, and will continue to be extremely competitive in the industry.


"45 years and still going strong!"



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