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If You Are Curious About

Lab Grown Diamonds...

Read Below For  Joi's Answers

To Some of our Customer's Most Frequently Asked Questions....

Lab Grown FAQ's 

1- What are Lab Grown Diamonds?


Lab Grown Diamonds are engineered genuine diamond material that is grown to become rough and ready to be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.


They are cut like natural diamonds by experienced diamond cutters.


Once finished, they go to be graded and receive a certificate of authenticity.

I always use certified Lab Growns... The Best of the Best!




2 - Are They Considered Diamonds?

Only one answer... YES!


They are grown using genuine diamond material to create diamond rough.


They possess the same properties as natural diamonds.



3 - Can Anyone Tell if it is a Natural or Lab Grown Diamond?


Only one answer... NO


The only way to detect a LG diamond is with advanced, expensive, large machines which most jewelers do not have. The average jeweler cannot detect that it is not a natural diamond.


These stones have been perfected over 50 years and nobody can tell!!



4 - Do Lab Growns Depreciate in Value Over time?


Like any other diamond...It depends how you buy it.


There's RETAIL pricing and then there are stones bought at proper value.


Designs by Joi only sells the best quality and reasonably priced stones.


Like all diamonds, there is a chance you lose a bit...but Lab Growns are a great option at a fraction of the price of natural stones. You certainly would benefit from buying Lab Grown diamonds and any depreciation of your purchase from Joi would be less. 

5 - How do I Know if They are Right for me?


Diamonds are a "LOVE AFFAIR" you need to fall in love with your stone. So seeing is believing.


It's a choice you need to make based on your budget. It has to be right for you. 

Feel free to call Joi and discuss whether Lab Growns are right for you. 

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