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Another Easy Way to Clean and Sanitize

Your Bling Bling:


Rubbing Alcohol   

Steps to Take:


1-Just Emerge Your

Diamonds and Jewelry in the Alcohol 

2- Do Not Use the Whole Bottle 

3-One Cap Full of Alcohol in a Plastic Cup 

4- Leave There For a Few Minutes 

5-Then Dry with a Paper Towel 

6- POOF - It is DONE!

How To Care For Sterling Silver Collection

Enjoy Your New Jewels

Enjoy the Compliments

Cannot Wear Silver Plated Jewelry:

In the Shower

In the Swimming Pool

Do Not spray Hair Spray on Jewelry

Do Not spray Perfume on Jewelry

Any Chemicals make Metals react by Discoloring

After 6 months of wearing, there is a $10 charge to replate.

This is normal wear of Plated Silver.

$15 for resizing of rings

Shipping is your expense, unless merchandise is defective and

Returned within 7 days.

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